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Hi, My name is Patricia, i'm 20 years old girl from somewhere in the universe, I love lights very much.

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Italy | by Esther Emma


Michael LaMartin
Bellingham, WA
Nikon D7000

You look like a bit of a daredevil. How much trouble have you gotten yourself into for the love of photography?

I wouldn’t really consider myself much of a daredevil, but rather a grown up child. I don’t live for adrenaline rushes or chaos, but rather having control over myself and a calm mind in challenging situations. We all start exploring our physical capabilities at a young age, and when we were small we explored our surroundings by running / jumping / climbing on things. I was always doing that sort of thing growing up. I had a rough childhood and didn’t have many friends, but movement was what brought me the most happiness. While other kids were playing football together at their friends houses, I was either dancing, climbing trees, or finding my way on top of/into places I wasn’t supposed to be. Sadly though, as we get older and our strength grows, so do our ambitions in terms of play, when that happens most of us are conditioned by outside influences such as parents/caretakers to stop, and be afraid of mortal experiences. I just never stopped, and about eight years ago I started another branch of movement which has become my main focus, parkour. I think looking at architecture and even nature is wonderful, but to really experience them you have to participate. So even though what I do to some might seem crazy or dangerous, to me it’s normal and I’m aware of my capabilities, so I base my actions and calculate the risks I’m willing to take through that. I think everyone should participate in their environments, as long as they’re conscious and aware of what is and is not “safe” for them.

To be honest though, I must say that it wasn’t necessarily for my love of photography but rather for life, alongside movement and exploration in every sense. Photography is the only way I know how to make my current lifestyle sustainable and share what makes me happy with other people.

If you could get to do one thing in the world without consequences, what would it be?

Man, that’s a rough question, as that changes every day! I’d probably just try and find a way to safely smuggle myself aboard the I.S.S. A small part of me always wanted to be an astronaut, I just never had the willpower to build up my knowledge and understanding of the required math. Outer space is the one place I’ll probably never have a chance to experience with my physical body, so If I could find an excuse to without serious consequences, that’d be it.

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MGMT @ Open’er Festival, 7/3/14.

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path to the other side, Misiones, North by Dany Arsic




Life & Rain | (by Magicmoment Z.)

Jökulsárlón Lagoon #004 by sbaccaro1979